New Service Structure

Totally flexible that fit the needs of our customers ...

We want to be the best option for our customers in terms of support, reliability, efficiency and cost-benefit relation.

Symtek has developed a new model of technical services contracting, with the objetive that our customers can ajust the contracts with their real needs of their companies.


Features of our services:

  • Corporate Agreements: Our perspective aim to the cost efficiency for your company, offering programs of solutions customized to your Company needs, guaranteeing the productivity of your investment by accessing benefits that only with our corporate agreements can reach. Our portfolio includes major alliances with the most recognized companies in the industrial sector of Cement, Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas and Research.


  • Integral agreements: Personalized evaluation to your Company needs, gathering a set of services designed exclusively to meet and exceed your expectations; As it is adjusting to your budgets, service requirements and spare parts for your machinery in quality control.


  • Preventive Service: We have the service coupled with your requirements, we provide preventive assistance complying with the quality standards that your company demands according to the manufacturer's guidelines, reaching the maximum useful life of your machinery.


  • Corrective Service: Response times directed to your need, ensuring assistance for your machinery and start-up through specialized diagnostics and diligent and timely solutions. We understand your concern and we focus our effort on conveying the security that your company and production process demands.


  • 24h / 365 days phone service (WhatsApp included): Contact line that offers immediate response to contingencies that can occur at any time of day or night, without leaving behind the requirements of modern technology, this service includes the audio-visual aids demanded by its users.


  • Help Desk – at Office Hours ( Attention Team ready to your daily circumstances in your production line, situations that require our total attention using tools such as the connection and remote control of your system, telephone attention, in addition analytical consulting for your industry, aiming to improve your expectations.


  • Internet Remote diagnostics: Through this service, the expert in your need, connects directly to your computer management instrument. Watched all conditions, alarms and / or situations that can lead directly to identify what is necessary to provide the solution that exceeds your expectations.


  • Availability of trips on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: Immediate reaction even covering the weekends, time in which we know how indispensable it is to continue with your production line.


  • Response times 24H-48H: We have a team ready to meet your contingency, developing the logistics that will allow you to have the answer that your process seeks and even more important, maximizing the availability of your instruments.


  • Spare parts Access: We know your machinery and the critical parts that provide first-aid attention to your Company needs. We have an updated inventory at your disposal, with the warranty that the manufacturer delivers.


  • Back Up Portable fluorescence X-ray equipment: A back up equipment at your disposal which is calibrated on site with samples of your production process, available to meet your demands in quality control, being a viable alternative while our staff works on the development of yours main machinery control.


  • Practical Front-line courses in FRX, XRD and EO: Personalized training for your laboratory group, in front line solution and routine preventive service to the daily use needs of your laboratory machinery. Training with our specialists covering everything included in our plan and including your expectations about the course as well.


  • XRD and XRF Analysis of samples in our laboratory: Laboratory equipment at your complete disposal, including analysis techniques in WDXRF, EDXRF, XRD, OE and sample preparation equipment. We serve your needs, promoting the best quality of service that our customers demand.


  • Interlaboratory: With great acceptance among our costumers, the interlaboratory program proposes a valid and comparable tool that aim its participants to identify the performance of their process, from the preparation of samples to their chemical analysis. These comparisons are supported with a certified international laboratory.


  • Validation and calibration curve adjustment visits: Long experience in the set-up of your calibrations, for all the materials that your process demands. Visits by our staff, provide tools to evaluate your sample preparation process, its repeatability, and the precision and uncertainty performance of the analytical instrument itself.


  • THL Invoicing and After Service Parts: Comfort in the provision of the service and acquisition of spare parts, counting on our confidence and facility in the billing after the reception to satisfaction of the contracted.