We have a Quality Management System focused on the satisfaction of our customers and continuous improvement. Our seal quality is under the standard ISO 9001: 2008, which has allowed us to improve the customers' needs and meet their requirements in the timeliest, efficient and cost-effective manner. The current scope of our Quality Management System is: "PROVISION OF SERVICES: TECHNICAL, ANALYTICAL AND TRAINING FOR THE ANALYSIS OF SOLIDS, LIQUIDS AND GASES. TRADING THE EQUIPMENTS AND ANALYTICAL SUPPLIES. "
Provide solutions addressed to each need, for analysis, measurement and identification of materials in industrial processes.
To be recognized as the best option in the market to offer solutions tailored to current and future needs, through an attractive and competitive portfolio, to exceed the satisfaction of all our customers.
Symtek provides solutions for analysis, measurement and identification of materials in industrial processes. In its history, Symtek has acquired a great recognition in the market, thanks to its innovation, technological development, analytical knowledge, opportunity and efficiency in the provision of specialized services, leveraged in the correct implementation and integration of our quality, safety and health management systems at work, which complement each other to generate value in:

  • The total satisfaction of the customer through the identification, close listening and constant monitoring of the needs of the market, to reach their expectations.
  • The prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in our collaborators and contractors, through the identification of hazards, the evaluation, determination and implementation of controls that allow to constantly improve the quality of life of employees.

Our management is supported in the constant improvement of the processes, and fulfillment of the commitments agreed with the clients and the applicable legal requirements.
It is the responsibility of each of our partners, suppliers and contractors to accomplish this policy.