Our company

SYMTEK has been specialized in providing the highest applied knowledge in material analysis for all industrial sectors such as: oil & gas, cement, mining, steel and foundries, labs food and beverages; specifically, this knowledge is developed in the field of elemental chemical analysis, mineral analysis for process control, quality control and materials research.


Our learning process has allowed us to put a wide knowledge base for our clients, thanks to an extensive experience gathered over time with our engineers. Besides, Symtek has an interesting portfolio of analytical and technical services. In addition, we have the capability of supply all the complementary machines to perform the most appropriate sample preparation thanks to the most advanced technology for the material analysis.


We reach our goals with an extraordinary Human Team, guiding our behavior to understand our customers and give them, the most effective service. We are always looking for excellence to fulfil the commitments and agreed goals. Our company is making part of the solution with innovation, initiative, and we are open to new developments, changes and continuous improvement.


As part of this Human Team, we know how to share and act on our organizational culture and strategy. We reach agreements, listening, sharing and respecting each other's opinions; we take responsibility for making honest and timely decisions, assessing strategic convenience, taking risks and consequences, measuring and adequately meeting our objectives; In addition, we improve acquiring, sharing and applying our knowledge. This shows the relationship between demonstrating competencies and recognizing the results of actions that contribute to the achievement of our objectives.